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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar


BAMECF is an organization of educated employees of oppressed and exploited communities amongst Indian society. Its full form is "The All India Backward (SC/ST/OBC) and Minority Communities Employees Federation" (Regd.). The Registration number is S-17809. The term backward has got its significance as mentioned in the Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution divides the oppressed and exploited Indian society into three main categories on the basis of the nature of their backwardness i.e. (i) The Scheduled Castes (2) the Scheduled tribes and (3) The other Backward classes which have specifically been enumerated by the commission headed by Kaka Sahib Kaleker and finally by B.P. Mandal during 1953-55 and 1977-80 respectively. If is a known fact that religious minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists etc. converted from the oppressed and exploitation as do the people of their earlier faith. Thus they are also included under the basic meaning of the term 'Minority Communities". The term 'Employees' includes all such educated employees belonging to these communities working with Central, State or Local self Government or their undertakings, private sectors and those who are even self-employed gainfully in their own individual professions.


1. To provided hope and help to one's own downtrodden society which has been made to feel as hopeless and helpless through the centuries old tyrannies committed on it by the exploiters and oppressors in India.
2. To build, lay and strengthen the non-political roots of the oppressed and exploited society in the fields of social, economic, educational, cultural, scientific, trade, commerce and industry which have been completely destroyed by the tyrant class.
3. To become a perennial source of inspiration for the oppressed and exploited society by way of developing moral values for self and exhibiting those values to the society as model.
4. To create capable, committed and genuine leadership.
5. The generate, develop and operate direction centers to guide the oppressed and exploited society.
6. To develop and provide resources and skills to the society for its amelioration.

The mission of BAMCEF is to bring complete social and Cultural Revolution in this land of disparity. It is through its objectives that BAMECF foresees the accomplishment of such a revolution. It has got its root in the concept of payback to the society. If we go deep into the past heritage of the oppressed and exploited society and the struggles fought by its people to put an end to their sufferings, it looks evident that the class of educated employees is one of the major beneficiaries of the product of such struggle. Thus it becomes obligatory on their part to see that their brethren who still continue to remain a deprived lot should also enjoy the fruits of the struggle equitably if not in a bigger way. This is the mission of BAMCEF in a nutshell.

When we study the structure of Indian Society it is fundamentally based on caste system. This caste system is intact and maintained by the sanctions of religious command and the authority of scriptures. As such the system provides privileges to a part of the society and imposes disabilities on other remaining segments. The fundamentals of the present system are neglect the humanity but love your own caste on one hand and a descending order of duties but ascending order of privileges of the Varna system which has survived itself in the absence of any appreciable, combined and successful struggle by the co-sufferers to put an end to this unjust order which has crippled their life. Recognizing this fact fully well, the educated employees of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes and Minority Communities have organized themselves under the banner of BAMCEF, to fulfill their sacred mission i.e. to pay back to society and to bring social and cultural revolution in India because individually they have been feeling hopeless and useless, and in small lots they are ineffective. To ameliorate the condition of the downtrodden and to provide fair justice to them the Indian Constitution contains very elaborate provisions. It amply recognizes that the SC. ST OBC and Minorities are the victims of the condemned caste system. But good constitution cannot automatically provide good Presidents and good Governments. The intentions, attitudes and family background of those who are in high echelons of power ultimately determine the practical utility of the constitution. Though Indian Constitution provided safeguards to these communities, the government did not implement those provisions fraudulently over the last 45 years. In this background, it can be safely presumed that the government and its agencies will not implement the constitutional safeguards even for centuries more to come. Then those who are the sufferers and full of disabilities must rise up and do something of their own. Just listening to the vocal resentment of these communities, the power hungry political parties in India have been giving some doles and promises. The most important among such laudable promises was the formation of three commissions by Janata Party during 1977 when it came to power after the debacle of Congress (l) rule. 1. SC, ST Commission
2. Backward Class Commission
3. Minority Community Commission
The fate of these commissions remained so miserable that these commissions put salt on the injuries of the unfortunate communities. Due to the basic fault of the prevailing system these communities will not come together of their own automatically as they are caged in planes of graded degradation. On the other hand in their own individual capacity these communities cannot launch any successful and sustained struggle. Thus arranging for resourcefulness, capability, desire, skill and preparedness to initiate, develop and sustain such a successful struggle against oppression is the need of the hour. In the direction employees of these communities can be looked upon the only ray of hope. They have to become the torch bearers to show a path to the victims of the system to put an end to their sufferings. Hence BAMCEF takes the privilege to pool up the meager resources at the disposal of the employees of these communities to create a mighty rock capable to obstruct the further flow of this dreaded system of grades inequalities, indignities and tyrannies.

BAMCEF is a human organization engaged with Missionary work. It asserts that we have to go beyond the traditional way of working of many existing organization which run on the stereo type pattern of happiness, benefit and satisfaction of their members. It proclaims a peak performance by the individual constituents of the organization shall have peak performance, we must secure that the task of each functionary is developed to a maximum efficiency. The organization of BAMCEF envisages on difficulties and failures due to mass ignorance etc, does envisage such difficulties but only due to our refusal to admit the virtues of efficient working. In the traditional organizations, we assume that people work best if organized like machines that are if linked in series. But in a missionary organization people work will in two ways either alone as individual of as a team. Thus it involves organizing men and also putting them on the job they will do the best. They should not do it out of fear but with an internal self motivation for performance. Thus responsibility is the only thing that will serve. It does not matter whether the activists want responsibility or not. The needs performance. Such organization can no longer use the tact of fears. It can get it only be encouraging, by inducing, if need be, by punishing the activists into assuming responsibilities. The goal of making activists responsible can be attempted by:
1. Their careful placement in the hierarchy of the Organistion
2. By creating high standards of performance for them
3. Providing them with the information needed to control them.
4. Providing opportunities for participation that will give them a vision that they must feel like organizers themselves. This will give the activists minimum of disruption and maximum of effectiveness in their area of field work. But their performance and effectiveness indeed depends upon proper organizational structure. We must also understand that organizations not an end in itself, but a mean to the end of missionary performance and its results. Thus organizational structure is an indispensable mean and its wrong structure will impair performance and may even destroy the mission. Therefore depending upon the objectives of organizational mission, the structure of BAMCEF has been designed to make it possible the attainment of its objectives today and even after 10-15 years also. As regards the analysis of activities, decisions and relations BAMCEF has to activate at various levels. The following structure is existing in the organization to make it most effective.

The basic frame work of BAMCEF is designed in a way to see that its volume is sufficiently enough to accomplish the desired goal and at the same time to ensure that it is not too bi to collapse under its own weight. To make it more efficient, more direct and still simple, the speed and direction of individual activities are designed to result in a overall effective performance. Care has also been taken to see that structure contains least possible number of levels and forge the shortest possible chain of command. Care has saleswomen taken to make possible the training and testing of functionaries at various levels to measure their responsibility in an autonomous position to acquire new experience. Each functionary is also being tested in his capacity long before he gets on to the next higher level of the top. While framing the constitution. Care has been taken to remove a person who does not exhi9bit missionary performance towards the responsibilities entrusted to him, howsoever big he may be in the organization.

(i) MASS BASED: There is a mammoth target before BAMCEF. A small organization will not be in a position to perform the task. A massive strength of manpower with their meager resources in the of talent, time, skills and founds etc. when pooled into a system is only supposes to be effective to discharge such a responsibility. To be specific the numerical value of one lakh educated employees is sufficient enough to move in the direction of achievement of the laid objectives without much difficulty.
(ii) Broad Based: The problems and difficulties of the oppressed and exploited society, their sufferings and the social stigma from which they suffer is not only different but also more in rural areas than in the urban India. Thus the institution of BAMCEF has realized that its real effectiveness will emerge after making it run in broad base form. Therefore it is desired that BAMCEF must cover in first phase, every tehsil or taluks of the country. The ideal will be to have it roots in each of nearly 6 lakhs villages of India.

(iii) Cadre Based: it is here where the functionaries are required to share the load of membership to channelize their strength and to overcome their weaknesses. Made fully acquainted, well trained, directional and motivated people can only do this work when they are developed to raise their vision to see for themselves the whole organizational activities. They act not only as strong pillars beneath the unique structure but also create further men and material for the advancement of the organization. They develop more valuable raw material to be processed to generate good quality leadership for the organization. They develop more valuable raw material to be processed to generate good quality leadership for the organization. Thus, preliminary cadre camps are conducted to give them preliminary information about the working of BAMCEF, advanced cadre camps are planned to develop functionaries to share responsibilities of a specialized field and training the trainers cadre camps are also conduct Preliminary cadre camps, to advance the work in untouched area, to direct the junior level functionaries and to guide them so that they become self propelling. Thus a sound frame work is developed. Such a complex organization with a structure as detailed above cannot be developed in one stroke. The organization is composed of various organs, which are to be developed to work independently and separately to each other. When all such organs are synchronized, they will constitute a high, strong and efficient machinery like BAMCEF institution. The important organs of BAMCEF machinery are listed below.

1. Network of officers: It is envisaged that ever district unit must have an office which is to be run by the district unit. But the minimum requirement is to have about 100 officers situated at capitals of the states and union territories, at almost all corporate cities, at important industrial complexes,. All such offices must be controlled from central control room at Delhi.

2. BAMCEF Secretariat: To operate such an organization like BAMCEF which is a missionary institution, it must have its secretariat wing. This secretariat wing should operate at central. State and District level. As the main function of BAMCEF is to see that all rules, regulations, programmers and plans made by Central. State and local self movements for the benefit of the weaker sections of the society are implemented fully and faithfully, this Secretariat should function parallel to the Govt. establishments at every level.

3. Organizational Wings: As per the structure of BAMCEF, the organizational set-up goes up from district, state. zone to centre. All resources, membership funds etc, are generated and developed from district level i.e. at grass root level only. Organizational wing at the center is in the charge of an organizing secretary. He is responsible for the speedy development of the network of BAMCEF at all levels, with the help of zonal, state and district organizing secretaries. This wing plans cadre camps for training the activists and arrange meeting functions, seminars, symposia etc. for the general masses, about the functioning of BAMCEF.

4. BAMCEF Brotherhood: after singing the Poona Pact and understanding free violation of its text and spirit by M.K. Gandhi and the Indian National Congress abashed Dr. Ambedkar devised a sound scheme under the title `SEPARATE SETTLEMENT`! He ear-marked few patches on Indian Territory which were lying as barren land which could be converted into good yielding agricultural land. Babasaheb under this scheme wanted to migrate gullible landless laborers from villages to the settlement in respect of area and population was to be equivalent to a parliamentary constituency. To develop such a settlement Babasaheb estimated that a sum of Rs. 5.00 crores will be incurred and the same amount will be regenerated wroth the economic advancement of such settlement within a period of 5 years only. In this way the inhabitants of such settlements will be saved from the clutches of feudal Lords. They would be in a position to elect their genuine representatives to the local self Governments. Legislative assemblies and even for the parliament. To advance their political goals, they were to be land owners and could develop their own agricultural economy. They were to take care of their children and arrange their education themselves. The scheme was good and also okeyed by the Britishers. But due to second world war and afterwards the exit of Britshers the scheme had to be shelved. After independence started the industrial growth of the country. This trend of industrialization and urbanization made the gullible masses in the villages who were tortured by the feudal society, tomigrate to cities and industrial complexes. Thus these poor masses have developed slums around the cities and still live in inhuman conditions. Their numerical strength may not be less than 5 crores and such migration still continues. With the efforts of Phule and Dr. Ambedkar in the direction of education and the constitutional provision of reservation, educated elites of this oppressed and exploited society have also migrated and settled in cities for their betterment and safety. Now to develop a sound link between gullible slum dwellers, who have migrated to cities due to their sufferings and their own children who have migrated to such cities for their prosperity is the need of the hour.

5. BAMCEF Adoption Wing: It is easy and approachable to attend to the problems of urban population as they make few in number. The most hopeless condition of oppressed society is observed in villages which are about 60, 00,000 in number. Further, due to reservation in services, the educated and employed people among the village population have shifted to the cities for better fob prospects. The better among the remaining have also migrated to cities in search of wages and to escape from the clutches of the feudal lords. Thus the most illiterate and illiterate and ignorants are left in villages itself to suffer from almost daily atrocities. To have approach to all such unfortunate brethren remains a Herculean task this can be completed when BAMCEF is fully developed. To start with, BAMCEF desire to adopt selected villages where from the requisite information will be collected and taken to the needy and presented to the appropriate authorities and got redressed. The residents will be helped to do away with their social evils and educated as to how to save them selves from tyranny. This way the dedicated workers of BAMCEF will be able to discharge their social obligation towards their own creed and brethren.

6. BAMCEF Co-operation Wing: To improve the economic wellbeing of society of have-nots this is a handy technique. We see trade and commerce had been the monopoly of Bania Community in private sector since ages. After Independence, to fulfil the socialistic obligation of the constitution public sector was boosted in a gig way by the Government. But the benefit of the Public sector bypassed the weaker sections of the society as the managements of such public sectors being in the hands of high caste bureaucrats, desired results could not reach the weaker sections. Taking a clue from the labour fronts in the United Kingdom, who benefited themselves through Co-operative societies and put an end to their exploitation at the hands of middlemen, Government of India started Co-operative sector with great fun-fair. But no sound scheme can be effective on its own. It is the Character of those who implement such programmes which is of paramount importance. Being in the hands of selfish and shrewed high caste people the benefits of Co-op. movement in India also bypassed both the manufacturer and the consumer, and failed. Keeping in view the consumption capacity of its own members BAMCEF decided to develop consumer co-operative stores of its own for the benefit of its members in particular and the public in general. Thus for such items which are manufactured by our own weaker sections of society and of which BAMCEF members happen to be the consumers, co-operative stores have been started first. In this way middleman is totally eliminated and the benefits are directly shared by the producer and the consumers. At the same time, employment opportunities are developed youth.

7. Medical Aid & Advice Wing: Our young energetic medical professionals having attended to their official working hours were found willing to work in slum areas to give necessary medical aid and advice to needy people on getting motivated. The work of such qualified medical personnel can be channelised through BAMCEF Brotherhood and BAMCEF Adoption Centres. Thus a great boost to the working labour who cannot go to the hospitals during day time for loss of their wages and at the same time can not bear the fees of private medical practitioners is in the offing through BAMCEF.

8. Literary Wing: Literature and literary activities are the two foundations of a civilization. No society can develop if it can not preserve and generate its literature. Thus literary persons are boon and backbone of any developing society. But in a caste ridden society like India, Dalit Literature has been destroyed and discouraged by the ruling class. To give boost and encouragement to the persons who have been interested in literary activities the BAMCEF Literary wing has been functioning in the field. The wing is discovering the lost and destroyed Dalit Literature and arranging its publication afresh to preserve it. Thus a jolt to the since stagnated mind of the people has been planned to be imparted.

9. Research & Development Wing: An organization like BAMCEF which is working on the realization by its cadres of self moral value, is catching momentum very fast. It is also true that fast moving objects are very prone to be affected by adverse environmental conditions. Thus a great care is required while moving fast. Though it is necessary to move fast to accomplish the required results and to achieve the laid down goals within the shortest time, time remains one of the scarest commodity available with us. Those who are to execute the task have got very little time at their disposal to think about the environmental changes and their probable effects on their working. Working and existence of other organizations in the field, knowingly or unknowingly shall cast their shadows upon our day-to-day working and the strategies and programmes, Government policies, international and national groupings amongst powerful entities, may also hamper our working. The literature of social, economic and political thinkers may also create turmoil in the external environment and pose turbulences. When the organization is growing and growing very fast, some internal disorder is also inevitable, because cadres of mediocre and low commitment in the organization may feel tired and get retired from the organizational thrust when purity is bound to attract new and dedicated workers. In order to contain the evil effects of all such external and internal forces a special organ is being developed. This organ will conduct seminars, study developments and failure of the other social institutions, analyse reasons of their failures and suggest matching remedial measures. This organ will conduct different probes and develop guidelines for the working of BAMCEF organization so that its sailing may become smooth. This organ will be the think, in other words brain of the brain bank of the oppressed and exploited society.

10. BAMCEF Voluntary Force: with the development of BAMCEF, various functions for the further development of general members, activists, cadres and functions shall be conducted. At occasions functions for the information and inspiration of the general public are also to be conducted. To maintain proper discipline and render necessary voluntary services, a special organ under the name of BAMCEF Voluntary force (B.V.F.) has been developed. This volunteers' force in a prescribed uniform under the overall charge of a Central Commander gives a unique look to the audience at functions and helps in maintaining proper discipline and decoram. At state and district levels also BAMCEF Voluntary Force is being developed as per the requirements of the respective units.

Looking at, and inspired by the valuable services and the remarkable techniques adopted by BAMCEF many people in the oppressed and exploited society become stunned. They started feeling that reprimand given by Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar to the educated employees during his last days has borne fruits. This realization has brought educated employees under the banner of BAMCEF through a jolt to their mind. BAMCEF, which is functioning under the Civil Services Conduct Rules, did a miracle job by departing from the stereo type thinking of the general people of Bahujan CARVAN and by sincerely paying back to the society. This inspiration of selfless service has encouraged the awakened amongst the Ambedkarite masses to do something of their own. They have started developing various organs such as follows which will come up in the form of a massive agitation force for self-respect, when put together.
1. Students Forum
2. Ladies Forum
3. Youth Forum
4. Industrial labour wing
5. Landless labour wing
6. Awakening squads
7. Press and Publication Trust
8. Sports, track and Field activities
9. Legal Aid & Advice wing
10. Parliamentary Liaison

The purpose of a missionary organization like BAMCEF is to focus attention of the people on their problems and prepare them of the ways as to how to solve these problems. Therefore, the organizational structure has been developed with this good intention to assign the problems to the qualified persons. The most qualified person in our opinion is one who makes quick and correct decisions with minimum possible information. As excisions making is the prime responsibility of leadership, those who are exercising this responsibility must be persons of high integrity to enthuse good spirit in the organization. Good spirit in the organization means maximum results with minimum efforts. And to get out more than what is being put in, is possible only through a oral spheres approach. It can be possible through emphasis on self strength integrity and high standards of justice and conduct. Morality is not something which is only preached, but it has to be practiced. Morality is independent of the ability and attitude of the people. It is a tangible behavior which everyone can see, do and measure. Therefore a person whose vision is focused on the weakness of the people rather than their strength cannot discharge the leadership role effectively. A person who is more interested in finding "who is right" than knowing "what is right", puts his personality above performance. A person should not be given leadership role who considers intelligence as more important than integrity. A person who is afraid of his strong subordinates should not be put in the higher echelon of leadership hierarchy, as it is his weakness. A person who does not set high standard for his own work breeds contempt for work and incompetence. A man might himself review too little, perform poorly, lack judgment and ability, and yet not cause too much damage as a leader. But if he is devoid of character and integrity, no matter how knowledgeable, how brilliant, how sourceful he may be, he destroys. He destroys people, he destroys spirit, he destroys performance and ultimately the organization. This is particularly true of the people who are at the head of an organization like BAMCEF. The spirit of the organization is created at the top only. As the proverb goes "Tree dies from the top". In the past, once we have had our fingers burnt. BAMCEF activists have to see that such situation may not repeat in the larger interest of the mission. In a spirited missionary organization like BAMCEF dangers of destruction from outside are less, but internally they are more especially from the top leadership. BAMCEF is to show performance in the field of social equilibrium. We must understand that performance is a function of lligence and motivation. But a highly intelligent person if lacks in motivation may give zero performance and may even retards it, if his motivation becomes negative. Therefore, it is a world of caution that BAMCEF functionaries must become self motivated and de-motivated activists must be removes from the leadership, as and when warranted, if the efforts made to motivate them prove of no avail.

BAMCEF is a complex institution, massive, rugged and bulky in volume, intricate and sophisticated in its character and therefore requires skillful and competent operational techniques to achieve the laid down missionary objectives. Everybody in the organizational structure and its hierarchy may not be equally comprehensive in his attitude and aptitude towards the technology involved to operate such delicate and complex mechanism. Following guidelines will facilitate the work of those who are responsible for the conduct of operations and are in command.

(a) Membership of BAMCEF is restricted to persons as detailed in firs are of the booklet.
(b) Any person who is directly engaged in polities cannot become the office bearer of any committee at Central. State and District level.
(c) It is the discretion of Central Executive Committee to give membership to a person or refuse it. However, the reasons for refusal of membership shall be communicated to the person concerned.

There is only one Rupee membership registration fee and Rupees two per month as monthly subscription which shall be collected once a year. Membership amount so collected will be shared among centre, state and District Units in the ratio of 40:20:40 respectively. This amount is to be utilized for furthering the activities of BAMCEF.

The membership shall be terminated on its willful withdrawal by the member, on nonpayment of member's ship fee, on removal by the President due to misconduct and or anti-missionary activities. However, the aggrieved person will have a right to appeal before the CEC which may undo the action of the President.

At District level, there will be a committee of District unit, as State level, a committee of State Unit, and at Central level there will be a Central Executive Committee.

Electoral College comprising of all the members of the district will elect its district executive committee by voice vote or by secret ballot. Members of District Executive Committee shall be maximum 21.

President and General Secretaries of all district units of the state and additional delegates from each district unit, one against a membership of one hundred will constitute the Electoral College for the State Executive Committee. Delegates will be elected by the district level electoral college. Members of the State Executive Committee shall be 35.

All the Presidents and General Secretaries district units, state units, delegates elected by the district level electoral college and the members of Central Executive Committee (adhoc or elected) will be called the General Body of BAMCEF. The general Body will form the Electoral College for the election of central executive Committee.

CEC will have maximum 53 members as detailed below:
1. President                              1
2. Vice President                       5
3. General Secretary                  1
4. Office Secretary                     1
5. Zonal Secretary                      5
6. Secretaries                            5
7. Organising secretaries            5
8. Treasurer                               1
9. Executive members               24

MEMBERS NOMINATED BY PRESIDENT - 10% The election of CEC will be by voice vote or by secret ballot

TENURE: Elections to all these committee and General Body will take place once in 3 years.

MEETING: CEC will meet regularly once in a period of three months. State Executive Committees shall meet regularly in a period of one month. The general Body shall meet annually at the time of National Convention.

GUORUM: 1/3 of the membership of respective committees shall constitute the qualified quorum. FUND RAISING: Funds will be raised through:
1. Membership
2. Donation
3. Special fund raising campaigns al approved by the CEC from time to time.

ACCOUNTS: The treasurer at respective levels shall maintain proper accounts of the organization.

BANK ACCOUNT: General body shall appoint internal auditor who shall check and verify the account of respective units annually.

CUSTODIAN: Central Executive Committee of BAMCEF will be the custodian of all the affairs concerning movable and immovable property of BAMCEF. Central Executive Committee will be the apex body of BAMCEF. CEC may recommend for approval of the General Body for procedural, structural or any other type of change in the working of the organization which it may feel adoptable to achieve the laid down objectives of the mission.CEC may withhold te4mporarily power of any office bearer of district, state of CEC who is found incompetent, corrupt, breaking discipline of BAMCEF or involved in such activities which are detrimental to the cause of the organization.


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